Synergistic Solutions
  • Year 2017

    • Release of “Spirituality Leadership Competency Model, a book in Sept 2017 and Conducting Spirituality leadership Competency Programs for maritime Fraternity.
  • Year 2016

    • National award for the best Indian maritime trainer for the year April 2016 (NMD Awards)
    • Conducting Habits of Highly Effective Maritime Teachers for Asha Maritime Academy and Auditing Learning Systems, September 2016.
  • Year 2014-2015

    • Conducting “Habits of Highly Effective Maritime Teachers” Seminar series in Mumbai September 2014, Chennai Sept 2014, February 2015.
    • Conducting “Proactive approach to carry out Video Surveillance of MMD Exams” September 2015
  • Year 2011

    • Providing behavioural assessment for Seafarers, September 2011
    • Setting up second mates DG approved course for St.Xavier’s technical institute Mahim in 2 months time.
  • Year 2010

    • Conducting DPA/CLO seminar on 4th Sept 2010.
    • Creating the ILM code for a LMS
  • Year 2009

    • Creating and conducting the ALS Teachers day seminar in September 2009. All the Auditees have gained from this experience and risen in their respective areas of excellence
  • Year 2005

    • Publishing “If the learner has not learnt the teacher has not taught” Sailor Today Awards.
    • Awarded the best Indian Maritime trainer of year award in the year
  • Year 1997

    • Started designing and conducting VRM and BTM.
    • Building up new faculty for the maritime fraternity.
    • Providing coaching for seafarers with learning difficulties and assisting clear MMD exams
    • Providing counselling for Seafarers

Latest Events

   Book Published

Announcing the release of the book “Spirituality Leadership Competency Model” by Dr. Malini V. Shankar on 2nd September 2017

   Teachers Day Seminar on Habits of Highly Effective Teachers, Navi Mumbai 2018.
(09.15 AM 24th November 2018 @ IMEI House, Nerul)
 Program details
   Teachers Day Seminar on Habits of Highly Effective Teachers, Kochi 2018
 Program details


    Demystifying Behavioral Competencies, 2011, Interview with Capt Achuthan.
    The Program highlights                                
    Habits of Highly effective Maritime Teachers, 2014
    Habits of Highly effective Maritime Teachers, 2014
    Relaese of ILM code, 2010