Synergistic Solutions

Sept. 2011

The future of our Seafaring manning industry depends on the berths available for our Indian officers and ratings on board vessels. Though Indian seafarers are considered a preferred lot, they seem to have a market share a mere of 6-7 % in the world markets. In some sectors it is believed that, unconsciously, they are replacing themselves with other nationalities. One of the core grievances against them is their lack of Behavioural competence as against the technical competence. Their seafaring shelf life seems to be reducing from thetraditional minimum of 17 years (maybe upto a max of 44 years) TO a minimum of 12 years with no definite maximum.

This may be due to the availability of more challenging opportunities ashore; however we also have to consider if it is due to our stagnant system of selection, retention and development.

Synergistic solutions, in collaboration with Marex Media, has in the past brought about Teachers Day seminars on Creating Learning experiences/ Auditing learning systems (CLE/ALS) and Designated person ashore/ Chief Learning officer (DPA/CLO). This year we intend to propose a resolution to the above issue faced by the manning industry.

While some of us see it as a problem, we intend to unveil the hidden opportunity created by this apparent dilemma, by introducing a seminar cum workshop on Demystifying Behavioural competencies for the maritime world”, on 7th September at MCA, Bandra.

It is believed that Understanding behavioural competencies will give more relevance to the functioning of the DPA/CLO, the committed and proactive training institutions, and shipboard training and development. It will help determine the retentivity possibility of future seafarers.

The seminar/ workshop will seek solutions to empower our maritime organizations by addressing the following:

  • What are Behavioural competencies
  • How are they different from and how do they synergize with Functional competencies
  • Behavioural competencies framework
  • How do we use behavioural competencies for selection, development and retention
  • What are the tools for assessing Behavioural competencies
  • Identify Person in a company is best positioned to champion this Performance

Auditing Learning Systems and the “Learning Management code” introduced in 2009 and 2010 respectively, will have more relevance when used within the context of behavioural competencies.

Who should attend: –
CEOs of manning and training organizations, DPA/CLOs, Technical Superintendents, Sailing Masters, Chief Engineers, Chief Officers and 2nd Engineers

Attached please find herewith –

  1. Benefits of attending “Demystifying Behavioural Competencies”
  2. Conference - Delegate Form