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About the Director

Capt Ajay Achuthan (Certified Independent Director, Extra Master, MBA, PG Diploma in OD, Fellow CMMI, NI, MICS, ISO 9000, ISM, ISPS and ISO 14000 Lead Auditor) has been a practicing Ship Master, Educationalist, Counsellor for the past 34 years and is an experienced facilitator of teams and a Transformation Specialist. His Extra Masters Dissertation was “Oil Major Inspection and Vetting-A study of Non conformances). And has various publications to his name including papers on Oil Tanker Operations, Loss Prevention and Human Element to ensure implementation of various Codes.

April 2005 was a significant year for his work as he released his book “if the learner has not learnt the teacher has not taught” and was awarded “Maritime trainer of the year” award on the same day.

Author and Creator of “Teachers Day Programs for Maritime Community.
Creator of “Being Deserving group To rehabilitate Cadets on Board


  • Winner of National Award for “Outstanding contribution to maritime education and training”

  • 1st CEO of MASSA and Founder Principal of Massa Maritime Academy

  • Leadership and Teamwork Coach and Mentor

  • Author of:
    • Spirituality Leadership Competency Model

    • If the learner has not learnt the teacher has not taught

    • International Learning Management Code

    • Ship to -ship Transfer, a book on Leadership

  • As a practicing counsellor, Capt Achuthan has a significant understanding of psychometric instruments like PF 16, MBTI, Thomas Profiling including their development and interpretation. Along with a Industrial Psychologists, he has been involved in helping individuals understand the growth and development implications of feedback received from many different instruments.

  • He is committed to “Creating Learning Organizations”.