Sept 2010 Conference

From Learning to Performance, Workshop on 5th Sept 2010
The future of our vessels sustained profitability with safety of life, property and environment has been legislated by IMO through the ISM code. This code has brought about this transformation through a shared responsibility between the shipping companies, governments, ship master and crew. However unconsciously the person who seems directly responsible, has the authority and is accountable for a healthy Safety Management System (SMS), brought about by the ISM code, seems to be the DPA or Designated Person Ashore.
Whereas his contemporary in the Shore based organization seems to be the Chief Learning Officer (CLO).
Whilst the DPA has evolved through an enforced legislation, the CLO has come about by self regulation.
The seminar/ workshop will seek solutions to empower our maritime organizations by addressing the following:

  • What does a flag state expect from a DPA
  • What does the Ship Owner/ top management expect from a DPA
  • What does the Vessel’s Master expect from a DPA
  • What does the Ships Crew expect from the DPA
  • What does the Technical Superintendent/ Fleet Personnel/ Operations/ manager expect from the DPA
  • What are the challenges faced by the DPA?
  • How did the CLO evolve? How does the Shore based company justify the requirement of a CLO even though not legislated?
  • What can the DPA learn from the evolution of CLO, and what can the CLO learn from ISM and DPA

In addition as promised through our last seminar on “Creating Learning Experiences/ Auditing Learning Systems”, Synergistic Solutions, in close association with Marex Media Pvt. Ltd., will be releasing for the first time the draft copy of Learning Management System (LMS) regulation, International Learning Management (ILM) code and guidelines validated by our special committee set up by DG shipping, DPAs, Heads of Training Institutes, CLOs and sailing seafarers.