Sept. 5,2009 Conference

Recommends that:

  • Auditing of learning (ALS) systems is not just needed but should be used effectively and voluntarily used by the industry and to enhance the competency of the seafarer towards safer and economic voyages through incorporating and implementing practices by designing an international Learning/performance management (ILPM) code.
  • Auditing is for continuous improvement, and in an ALS scheme, unlike an ISO audit, the domain expert and auditor needs to be integrated unlike a process audit.
  • The system has to be implemented through an International Learning and performance management (ILPM) code
  • All assessment and examination of participants should be done keeping the holistic picture in mind such that the gap between Training, learning and performance is reduced.
  • For Quality and quantity of good maritime faculty should be ensured thro an ALS and creating an incentive for sailing Masters and Chief Engineers and senior sailing staff to teach ashore for a period of 6 months in 5 years.
  • A futuristic time- space based plan be created demonstrating a percentage wise increase in faculty, their ability to transfer and the performance of Indian Seafarers Index be created