Extra Masters commencement dates Part A (2nd March 2024), Part B (6th July 2024) and Part (2nd November 2024)

Faciliation Program For Extra Masters (FG)

We are the pioneers in Extra Masters Training. Launched in March 2019, we have successfully conducted 5 years of preparatory on line courses for Part A, B and C of Extra Masters since March 2019.

Capt Ajay Achuthan, an Extra Master himself, is passionate about the Extra Masters course being a pathway for Masters to expand their horizons, find greater opportunities and reach higher echelons. We take pride in the high-quality training and internal assessments provided by our network of excellent trainers and the results we produce.

The success of our students at the MMD exams, who have completed our AAA(Attendance, Assignments, Assesments) criteria speak for itself.
We facilitate your learning and development and preparation for MMD Exams Tentative June (Part A), Oct (Part B), Feb (Part C)

Parts Subject areas covered
(Each Part Duration 3M with 40 Video contact hours each subject)
Contact hrs Internal Assessments
Part A Leadership, Management, Human Resource and Maritime Economics and Finance Maritime Law 120 9
Part B Advanced Navigation and Maritime Cyber Security Advanced Naval Architecture; Commercial Engineering and Robotics 120 9
Part C Ocean Governance and Marine Environment; Port Management; Commercial Shipping Management 120 9
Part D Dissertation on any Marine field topic. (12000 to 14000 words reflecting Research Methodology) 18 Incl

Offline viewing as per your convenience
The class recordings and course materials will also be available offline for viewing later at convenience. Internal Assessments after every module and detailed feedback is provided to all participants.

Online classes start first Saturday of March(Part A), July(Part B) or November(Part C).
You can join our classes any time of the year by choosing Part A, B or C depending on your availability to appear for MMD exams to be conducted in the month of June(Part A), October(Part B) or February (Part C). You will be given our Talent LMS Pre Recorded classes based on your targeted date of appearing for MMD Exams. Subsequently there will be free entry for the online class of that part.

Eligibility:    Indian Masters FG COC (above 3000GT).

Fees: Rs. 35400 (includes GST) For each Part(A, B, C), payable to Synergistic Solutions. Part D  will be required to register separately
State Bank of India
Current Account No:  35747126833
IFSC code:   SBIN0003109
GSTIN:  27ABTPA4139N1Z7   

Extra Masters commencement dates Part A (2nd March 2024), Part B (6th July 2024) and Part (2nd November 2024)