Our Successes

Year 2017
  • Release of “Spirituality Leadership Competency Model, a book in Sept 2017 and Conducting Spirituality leadership Competency Programs for maritime Fraternity.
Year 2016
  • National award for the best Indian maritime trainer for the year April 2016 (NMD Awards)
  • Conducting Habits of Highly Effective Maritime Teachers for Asha Maritime Academy and Auditing Learning Systems, September 2016.
Year 2014-2015
  • Conducting “Habits of Highly Effective Maritime Teachers” Seminar series in Mumbai September 2014, Chennai Sept 2014, February 2015.
  • Conducting “Proactive approach to carry out Video Surveillance of MMD Exams” September 2015
Year 2011
  • Providing behavioural assessment for Seafarers, September 2011
  • Setting up second mates DG approved course for St.Xavier’s technical institute Mahim in 2 months time.
Year 2010
  • Conducting DPA/CLO seminar on 4th Sept 2010.
  • Creating the ILM code for a LMS
Year 2009
  • Creating and conducting the ALS Teachers day seminar in September 2009. All the Auditees have gained from this experience and risen in their respective areas of excellence
Year 2005
  • Publishing “If the learner has not learnt the teacher has not taught” Sailor Today Awards.
  • Awarded the best Indian Maritime trainer of year award in the year
Year 1997
  • Started designing and conducting VRM and BTM.
  • Building up new faculty for the maritime fraternity.
  • Providing coaching for seafarers with learning difficulties and assisting clear MMD exams
  • Providing counselling for Seafarers

Latest Events

> Book Published

Announcing the release of the book “Spirituality Leadership Competency Model” by Dr. Malini V. Shankar on 2nd September 2017

> Teachers Day Seminar on Habits of Highly Effective Teachers, Navi Mumbai 2018.

09.15 AM 24th November 2018 @ IMEI House, Nerul)
Program details

> Teachers Day Seminar on Habits of Highly Effective Teachers, Kochi 2018

Program details

Latest Events