Books Published By Capt Ajay Achuthan

As On September 2017

Oil Majors Inspection and Vetting - a Study of Non-Conformances

– 1997 (Thesis for Extra Masters Dissertation)

The International Learning management(ILM) code

– On 5th September 2010, at the DP CLO Seminar at Mumbai, By Dr Agnihotri, DG Shipping

Ship to – ship transfer

– A book on leadership, at the DRACEA GLOBAL, 2015

If the Learner has not Learnt, the Teacher has not taught

ISBN NO.: 978-81-935736-1-7

– Published by Synergistic Solutions, at the GLOBEMET seminar, By Shri DT Joseph, Secretary Shipping, in Mumbai in February 2005 and second edition on September 5th 2012 at Chennai, AMET University, by ex IMO Secretary General, E Mitropoulis.

Spirituality Leadership Competency Model

ISBN NO.: 978-81-935736-0-0
– Published on Sept 2017

Papers Published

  • Grey Areas in operational pollution, CMMI, 1995
  • In Search of Excellence, IHPAD, 1995
  • Loss Prevention through training on LCHS, 1996, Chennai WSF
  • Safe Ships and “Chalta Hain Yaar attitude”, 1998, NMDC
  • Towards building a Maritime Constituency, 2002, NMDC
  • Maritime India: The evolving role of HRD 2014, NMDC
  • Report on unveiling 2nd Edition of ITLNLTTHNT
  • Training & Development
  • Flow diagram to understand MET & issues in India – Presented to MoS Shri Gadkari

Teachers Day Seminar/ Workshop

  • Auditing Learning Systems, 2009
  • Designated Person Ashore/Chief Learning Officer, 2010 with release of ILM code
  • Demystifying Behavioural competencies, 2011
  • Habits of Highly Effective Maritime Teachers, SEPT 2014, Mumbai
  • Habits of Highly Effective Maritime Teachers, NOV 2014, Mumbai
  • Habits of Highly Effective Maritime Teachers, FEB 2015, Mumbai
  • Proactive Measures for Video Recording of MMD Exams, Sept 2015
  • Habits of Highly Effective Maritime Teachers, 2016, Mumbai
  • Spirituality Leadership Competency Model, Sept 2017